I Want to
Simplify and automate my backoffice operations

  • The Problem

    While search and booking flows have their importance, the overall expense and complexity of travel usually falls on the operational topics - reservation management, customer support, accounting, reconciliation and credit control.

  • The Solution

    A technology-agnostic and robust mid-office that collects and organizes reservation data, enabling interoperability and synchronization of all your backoffice systems.

Never miss a beat

Travolutionary takes a holistic approach to your backoffice needs, structuring flows to be more effective and customizable


Order management goes way beyond the list of bookings made. From a comprehensive and ever-growing set of reports, with both visual and downloadable data, to a full booking and upsell capabilities - make the most of each booking made through you.

Financial and orders API

All information processed and booked through Travolutionary is meticulously stored and organized. You can access this data both via designated sections and no less importantly, via a full API web-service. Travolutionary sends you Push notifications on new records, as well as enabling you to fetch information regarding each and every booking for your accounting or back-office needs.

Push Notifications

Based on your preferences, be notified by email, SMS or push notification regarding any action taking place in the system - from bookings to failed reservation attempts to status changes. Be on top of the situation at all times.

Credit Line Management

Working with the obligo payment method, you can manage your distribution channels with predefined credit to reduce risk for the clients. Obligo is dependent on the cancellation policies.


Travolutionary team is dedicated to the support of our clients 24/7, from within the system.

Rate Type

Different customers have different preferences, and we accommodate all rate types needed to meet their demands: Prepaid, Pay at hotel, Part paid, Comissionable, Public, Bar, Negotiated, Opaque, Fenced, CUG - you can have them all.


Travolutionary is the only travel tech company in the world that warrants its services and products commercially under an SLA, and in consideration of your usage plan. Mistakes always happen, but aren't you tired being the only one paying for them?

Ghost Segments

There are situations where the rate a user is trying to book is no longer available. There are cases where fraud is an issue for you. We have created Ghost Segments that enable you to capture the reservation in full - without committing to the provider. After short manual verification, your staff can re-confirm the booking with one click.

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