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Connect to suppliers through a smart aggregation system

  • The Problem

    Aggregation of inventory supply is not just about combining data streams. To be effective, it needs to solve complex issues such as hotel and room-level mapping, speed and scale.

  • The Solution

    Add business logic layers and robust modularity, and you'll get to the true purpose of aggregation - the ability to extract the best offering from all partners, and present it in a way that drives conversion and profitability.

Welcome to smarter aggregation

Travolutionary was built to answer your aggregation needs, with a unique combination of industry-leading tools and solutions

Hotel Mapping

Never again wonder if two similar-looking hotels from different suppliers are the same one. With Travolutionary, we'll show you exactly which hotel you're booking.

Proccessing Speed

Cloud-based and infinitely scalable, Travolutionary offers some of the highest speed searches in the industry, without compromising on quality or timeliness

Super Flexible Search

Base searches on on destination, geo-data, hotel IDs, all either ours or original supplier data, without having to do any mapping. You can search any number of rooms and guests, or combinations of such.

Rate Type

Different customers have different preferences, and we accommodate all rate types needed to meet their demands: Prepaid, Pay at hotel, Part paid, Comissionable, Public, Bar, Negotiated, Opaque, Fenced, CUG - you can have them all.

Vast Connectivity

With over 80 direct integrations, and over 40 scheduled this year alone, Travolutionary is your one point access hub to any hotel provider available worldwide.

OTA Suppliers

Travolutionary has created a meta-search in a box, available for you from the get go. Access all major OTAs and their rates, compare and book with them, or benchmark Net rates to meet the market level pricing.

NET Suppliers

We can connect you to over 50 Net rate providers across the globe, and are adding a dozen more each year. You wont find a single point of access to such diversified portfolio anywhere else.


"Look to book" and server loads are important issues. OptiSearch technology saves unnecessary queries to providers, unless a high level of certanty exists for conversion into a reservation. Save on hardware and improve your standing with providers you're engaged with using OptiSearch.

Room Mapping

Room level mapping and content are proven conversion drivers, able to double and triple your reservations! With room-level mapping, you'll be able to compare room offerings from multiple suppliers even if the room name and amenity list is different.


Connect to over 80 suppliers through one API, presenting their data intelligently with hotel and room-level mapping, robust output customization based on business needs, and the ability to reserve faster and more reliably than ever before.

Rich Content / Hotel Data

Travolutionary is constantly looking for the best content to present within the system, validating and updating it when necessary.


Travolutionary tools, reservation platforms and content are multilingual with support for all major languages - English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic.

Search Result Biasing

Score and then sort the inventory by the weight you provided to each parameter (Price, proximity, rate, etc.), deciding on your own criteria for the results you want to show the most.

Azure - Scale

Entirely cloud-based, Travolutionary uses Microsoft Azure to support any computational requirements you might need. We can scale your business as fast as you can.

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